The EuroŻelbet dimensioning module is designed for the dimensioning of planar and spatial reinforced concrete bar structures according to the PN-EN 1992-1-1 Eurocode 2: September 2008 standard in the R3D3-Rama program in the plane and complex loading state.


The module is produced in the form of an installation integrated in the R3D3-Rama program for static calculations, which requires a separate licence.





This module expands the capabilities of the ArCADia-RAMA program with advanced functions.

Advanced features of the EuroŻelbet module:

As part of the verification of the ultimate and service limit state, the program performs the following calculations:


  • The calculation of the primary reinforcement area for two-directional bending, eccentric compression, eccentric tension and torsion, including maximum perpendicular cracks
  • The calculation of transverse reinforcement (stirrups) for two-directional shearing and torsion.
  • The calculation of two-directional deflection in the cracking state



Dimension of planar and spatial reinforced concrete bar structures


  • The user can created any definitions of a dimensioning type (covering basic settings of reinforcement parameters), which can then be used in any design
  • A wide range of primary reinforcement types to choose from: optimum, uniform, symmetrical, distributed in two rows, limited only  to part of the main cross-section 
  • The automatic setting of the bar reinforcement cover on the basis of an exposure class
  • The division of reinforced concrete elements into a selected number of zones of the same reinforcement for primary and transverse reinforcement
  • Consideration of the basic structural conditions for the distribution of reinforcement in elements.
  • Automatic selection of a number of reinforcement zones for shearing
  • The automatic verification of the envelope of external forces in all characteristic points of the element being dimensioned
  • A dimensioning report in the form of the manual calculations containing all intermediate results in RTF format (MS Word)



The following cross-section types are dimensioned in the program:


  • circular

  • rectangular

  • angular

  • T-section

  • I-section

  • C-section

  • Z-section


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