• Saving the 3D project to the cloud (OneDrive, Google, Dropbox or other disks), automatic generation of the URL address to preview the 3D design model in the web browser.
  • Preview of the 3D model of the ArCADia design on mobile devices. After saving the digital model of the project in the cloud (OneDrive disks, Google Drive, Dropbox or others), it is possible to share the preview on a mobile device (smartphone, tablet with any system), without the need to install any additional application in it.
  • Cameras defined in the design are also visible in the ArCADia-3DVIEWER.
  • Saving the design model (Building, installation, network etc.) with the ArCADia-3D VIEWER. The presentation is then available for viewing after clicking on a file, without the need to install any program. Saving the data of the design model (Building, installation, network etc.) to the .a3d file. The presentation is available for viewing on every computer, on which the free ArCADia-3D VIEWER will be installed.

Advanced features of the ArCADia-MAKER:

ArCADia-3D MAKER is a module that saves the three-dimensional design model to a file, that can be opened on any computer without the need of installing the ArCADia BIM system.


The presentation can be opened by using the free built-in or downloaded from the Internet ArCADia-3D VIEWER browser.


ArCADia 3D Maker 2


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