The module can be used to dimension planar and spatial timber structures with rectangular cross-sections of solid and glue-laminated timber according to PN-EN 1995-1-1 from 2010 in the two-directional stress state and taking into account the torsional moment.







This module expands the capabilities of the ArCADia-RAMA program with advanced functions.

Advanced features of the EuroDrewno module:

  • The user can create any type of dimensioning definition (buckling coefficients, cross-section weak spots, permissible deflection and other parameters), which can then be used in any design.
  • The modification coefficient kmod is assumed automatically on the basis of a load group with the shortest impact time on a structure in a given combination, or manually on the basis of the user's decisions.
  • The possibility to dimension individual bars, a group of collinear bars and near collinear bars (with the angle variation below 5 degrees).
  • Automatic verification of the envelope of internal forces in all characteristic points of the element being dimensioned.



Dimension planar and spatial timber structures


  • Normal and tangent stresses are verified in an element cross-section.
  • The dimensioning in any indicated points of an element can be verified for all envelopes and for a single selected envelope.
  • The program determines the maximum relative deflection and displacement of an element in the assumed stress state, including allowing for the creep and shrinkage influence of the shearing forces and comparison with permissible values.
  • The dimensioning report in the form of manual calculations containing all intermediate results in RTF format (MS Word).




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